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학술지 Highly Reliable Field Electron Emitters Produced from Reproducible Damage-Free Carbon Nanotube Composite Pastes with Optimal Inorganic Fillers
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김재우, 정진우, 강준태, 최성열, 안승준, 송윤호
Nanotechnology, v.25 no.6, pp.1-10
Institute of Physics (IOP)
13ZE1100, ETRI 창의연구실 사업, 손승원
Highly reliable field electron emitters were developed using a formulation for reproducible damage-free carbon nanotube (CNT) composite pastes with optimal inorganic fillers and a ball-milling method. We carefully controlled the ball-milling sequence and time to avoid any damage to the CNTs, which incorporated fillers that were fully dispersed as paste constituents. The field electron emitters fabricated by printing the CNT pastes were found to exhibit almost perfect adhesion of the CNT emitters to the cathode, along with good uniformity and reproducibility. A high field enhancement factor of around 10 000 was achieved from the CNT field emitters developed. By selecting nano-sized metal alloys and oxides and using the same formulation sequence, we also developed reliable field emitters that could survive high-temperature post processing. These field emitters had high durability to post vacuum annealing at 950 °C, guaranteeing survival of the brazing process used in the sealing of field emission x-ray tubes. We evaluated the field emitters in a triode configuration in the harsh environment of a tiny vacuum-sealed vessel and observed very reliable operation for 30 h at a high current density of 350 mA cm-2. The CNT pastes and related field emitters that were developed could be usefully applied in reliable field emission devices. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd.
brazing, carbon nanotube (CNT), CNT paste, field electron emitter, field emission, inorganic filler, xray
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Ball-milling method, Brazing process, CNT paste, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Carbon nanotube composite, Field electron emitters, Free carbon, Harsh Environment, High Temperature, Inorganic fillers, Metal alloys