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학술지 Design and Analysis of an Adaptive Guard Channel Based CAC Scheme in a 3G-WLAN Integrated Network
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박재만, 황강욱, 정부금
Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, v.6 no.3, pp.621-639
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
10MI2600, 차세대 유무선 융합 게이트웨이 기술개발, 안병준
In wireless networks, guard channel based Call Admission Control (CAC) schemes are widely used to protect handoff calls for seamless wireless services. However, the introduction of guard channels in wireless networks results in the increase in the new call blocking probability. This general sit-uation also occurs in a 3G-WLAN integrated network. To solve this problem in a 3G-WLAN integrated network for QoS support, we propose an adaptive guard channel based CAC scheme in this paper. The main objective of our guard channel based CAC scheme is to alleviate the increase in the new call blocking probability due to guard channels while it can still protect handoff calls. For the design of our adaptive guard channel based CAC scheme, we first develop and analyze a performance model for a general guard channel based CAC scheme based on a level-dependent quasi birth and death model. The analytic results are used to design our adaptive guard channel based CAC scheme. Numerical studies show that our adaptive guard channel based CAC scheme can achieve its objective and its performance is near optimal.
3G-WLAN integrated network, Call admission control, Guard channel, Level-dependent QBD, Markov decision process, Performance analysis, Quality of service
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Admission control(AC), Blocking probability(BP), Call Admission Control, Guard channel, Handoff call, Markov Decision process, New call blocking probability, Performance analysis, QoS Support, Wireless network, design and analysis