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학술지 High-Performance Transparent Conducting Ga-Doped ZnO Films Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputter Deposition
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김준관, 이재민, 임정욱, 김제하, 윤선진
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, v.49 no.4 PART 2, pp.1-4
Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), Institute of Physics (IOP)
09MB5500, 광캡쳐 구조 반사방지막 및 조성기울기를 갖는 Si/SiGe 박막 태양전지 기술 개발, 윤선진
Ga-doped zinc oxide (GZO) films were deposited using rf magnetron sputter deposition and a Ga2O3(5 wt%)-doped ZnO ceramic target under various deposition conditions. The effects of each deposition condition on the electrical, structural, and optical properties of the GZO films were investigated to obtain a transparent conducting oxide (TCO) with a high transmittance and a low resistivity for a-Si:H thin-film solar cells. Resistivity showed a strong dependence on working pressure and rf power. The lowest resistivity of 1.9 x 10-4 ??-cm was obtained at an rf power density of 2.47W/cm2. The highest figure of merit for the use of TCO was achieved in the 800-nm-thick GZO film [2= 2.1 x 10-4 ??-cm, average transmittance (400-800nm) = 92.1%] deposited at 10mTorr and an rf power density of 1.85W/cm2. These results indicate that the highperformance TCO fabricated in this work is suitable for use as a transparent electrode layer for thin-film solar cells. © 2010 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.
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Applied physics, Ceramic target, Deposition conditions, Doped znO films, Electrode layer, Figure of merit, GZO film, Ga-doped ZnO, Ga-doped zinc oxide, High performance, High transmittance