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학술지 Hierarchical CRGK Supporting a Secure Multicast Communication for a Large Number of Users
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박지현, 이정수, 김정현, 류재철
IEICE Transactions on Communications, v.E93.B no.4, pp.862-870
일본, 전자정보통신학회 (IEICE)
09MS3300, 사용자 중심의 콘텐츠 보호 유통 기술 개발, 서영호
A multicast content service, including numerous devices, requires an efficient group key management scheme as one of its core components. The purpose of group key management is to provide a secure key-sharing scheme among the members of a group so that messages transmitted via broadcasting or multicasting are not exposed to non-members. The Chinese Remaindering Group Key (CRGK) is an efficient group key management scheme based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT). It optimizes the number of re-key messages, the user-side key computation cost, and the number of stored keys. However, CRGK is not fit for a group with a large number of members because of the high computation complexity of the CRT. In this paper, we propose a Hierarchical CRGK (HCRGK) scheme that supports a group with a large number of members. We improved CRGK by adopting it to include an n-ary tree structure. The tree approach simplifies the group key management by distributing the group key computation to subgroups. Our scheme requires at most (logmN +1) re-key messages for a group with N members and a short computation time even when the group is very large. Copyright © 2010 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.
Broadcast, Chinese remainder theorem, Group key management, Multicast, Re-keying
KSP 제안 키워드
Chinese remainder theorem(CRT), Computation cost, Group key management scheme, Information and communication, Number of users, Re-keying, Secure multicast, computation complexity, computation time, multicast communication, n-ary tree