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학술지 Graphene Oxide Thin Films for Flexible Nonvolatile Memory Applications
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정후영, 김종윤, 김정원, 황진옥, 김지은, 이정용, 이태현, 조병진, 김상욱, Rodney S. Ruoff, 최성율
Nano Letters, v.10 no.11, pp.4381-4386
American Chemical Society(ACS)
10ZE1100, ETRI 연구역량 강화를 위한 R&D체계 구축 및 Seed형 기술개발을 위한 창의형 연구 사업, 현창희
There has been strong demand for novel nonvolatile memory technology for low-cost, large-area, and low-power flexible electronics applications. Resistive memories based on metal oxide thin films have been extensively studied for application as nextgeneration nonvolatile memory devices. However, although the metal oxide based resistive memories have several advantages, such as good scalability, low-power consumption, and fast switching speed, their application to large-area flexible substrates has been limited due to their material characteristics and necessity of a high-temperature fabrication process. As a promising nonvolatile memory technology for large-area flexible applications, we present a graphene oxide based memory that can be easily fabricated using a room temperature spin-casting method on flexible substrates and has reliable memory performance in terms of retention and endurance. The microscopic origin of the bipolar resistive switching behavior was elucidated and is attributed to rupture and formation of conducting filaments at the top amorphous interface layer formed between the graphene oxide film and the top Al metal electrode, via high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and in situ X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. This work provides an important step for developing understanding of the fundamental physics of bipolar resistive switching in graphene oxide films, for the application to future flexible electronics. © 2010 American Chemical Society.
flexible memory, Graphene oxide, nonvolatile memory, resistive switching, TEM, XPS
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Bipolar resistive switching behavior, Casting method, Fast switching speed, Flexible electronics, Flexible nonvolatile memory, Flexible substrate, Graphene oxide(GOS), Graphene oxide films, High Temperature, Low-cost, Material characteristics