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학술대회 Load Adaptive Distributed Stream Processing System for Explosive Stream Data
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이명철, 이미영, 허성진, 김익균
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.753-757
15MS9700, 다중소스 데이터의 Long-term History 분석기반 사이버 표적공격 인지 및 추적기술 개발, 김익균
As smart devices such as sensors, smartphones, and CCTVs are becoming extensively utilized recently, stream data from those smart devices are consistently generated explosively. There are also increasing cases that we notice security attacks after already important assets are damaged by cyber-targeted attacks such as APT attacks due to the lack of real-time security log processing capability. Accordingly, the demand to process and analyse the exploding stream data in real-time and in advance is consistently increasing in many application domains. However, existing distributed stream processing systems like Storm and S4 are not well adaptive when there are drastic increase of input stream data. In this paper, we propose a distributed stream processing system which supports several load adaptation techniques utilizable for various circumstances of explosive data stream.
Big Data, Data Explosion, Distributed Stream Processing, Load Adaptation, Load Shedding, Task Scheduling
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APT attacks, Big Data, Data explosion, Data stream, Load Adaptation, Load adaptive, Log Processing, Processing capability, Security attacks, Smart devices, Stream Data