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학술대회 Development of Around View System Based on Moving Object Detection for Safe Bus Getting on and Off
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최윤원, 김광용, 박미룡, 김종효, 나경진, 이석규
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2015, pp.1-2
14ZC2400, 상황인지 스마트카를위한 다중 센서 플랫폼기술개발, 권기구
This paper proposes a noble around view system based on moving object detection algorithm using background subtraction for safe bus getting on-and-off. Recently, vehicles tend to equip with several types of cameras on them as standard option for safety. Since full sized vehicles like buses confront with more moving persons around them comparing with small sized cars, they may need around view monitoring system instead of single rear camera to enlarge driver's view angle. The proposed system provides drivers with environment information around the vehicle for safe getting on-and-off. This algorithm requires high processing speed rather than high detection rate because on-line detection and action are important to avoid possible collision with them around vehicle. The proposed algorithm detects the locations of objects using information of object's motion obtained by applying a simple background subtraction method which compares the consecutive frames. The experiment which uses real movies in embedded system and PC confirms the effectiveness of the object detection algorithm.
around view system, background subtraction, moving object detection, Safety
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Around view system, Background subtraction(BS), Detection algorithm, Embedded system, Environment information, Monitoring system, Moving Object Detection, On-line detection, Processing speed, Subtraction method, Using information