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학술대회 Augmented Reality based on Driving Situation Awareness in Vehicle
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박병준, 윤창락, 이정우, 김경호
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.593-595
15PC1200, 운전 안전성 및 편의성 향상을 위한 운전자 시야 중심 차량용 증강현실 정보제공 시스템 기술개발, 김경호
In this paper, we introduce a vehicle augmented reality (AR) system to present information of driving situation awareness in a vehicle. Today, manufacturers related with vehicles have been pointing to AR as a next-generation visualization technology for in-car driving displays. Such in-vehicle AR-based display systems are helpful in reducing driver distractions, thereby increasing driver safety, and provide intelligent interactions for enhancing driver convenience. The proposed system offers information of driving situation and warning to a driver through the augmented reality using head-up display. The system consists of several sub-modules such as sensor, vehicle/pedestrian recognition, vehicle state information, driving information, time to collision (TTC), threat assessment, warning strategy, and display modules. We have defined the threat level and the presentation of AR information based on TTC values and driver's preference throughout experiments. The proposed system have been installed to a test vehicle with a vehicle AR information system prototype and carried out in the real road environments. The proposed system demonstrates to offer intuitively danger information according to the presentation rules to a driver on real road.
Augmented Reality, Head-Up Display, Situation Awareness, Time to Collision, Warning Strategy
KSP 제안 키워드
Augmented reality(AR), Display System, Driver safety, Head up display, In-vehicle, Information systems(IS), Next-generation, Pedestrian recognition, Situation awareness(SA), State information, System Prototype