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학술지 A Novel Trench Gate MOSFET with Multiple Layered Gate Oxide for Highly Reliable Operation
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김상기, 가동하, 나경일, 양일석, 구진근, 이진호, 박훈수
한국물리학회, v.60 no.10, pp.1552-1556
11MB2200, BLDC 모터용 고전압/대전류 파워모듈 및 ESD기술개발, 양일석
Gate dielectrics in trench structures for trench gate metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) power devices are very important to realize excellent characteristics. In this paper we describe multiple-layer gate dielectrics for trench gate MOSFETs with both thermal and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) gate oxides that exhibit excellent gate oxide properties and surface roughness. Through various trench etching experiments for better surface conditions in the trench, the optimum etching gas chemistry and etch conditions were found. The destruction of gate dielectric in trench gate MOSFET occurs at the top and the bottom trench corner edges. The structure of the gate electrode is pulled out with the polysilicon layer which is buried in the trench. Thus, high electric field operation is inevitable at the gate between source diffusion and the gate polysilicon. Moreover, the trench corner oxide suffers from the high electric field. We propose a multiple-gate dielectric structure of a thermal oxide and CVD oxide for highly reliable operation of the device. This enables trench surface smoothing and low thermal stress at the trench corners and provides the oxide thickness uniformity, giving superior device characteristics of high breakdown voltage and low leakage current. These improvements are caused by the excellent quality of the gate oxide and the good thickness uniformity that is formed at the inner trench with a specific geometrical factor. © 2012 The Korean Physical Society.
Multi-layer gate oxide, Power device, Trench gate MOSFET
KSP 제안 키워드
Breakdown voltage(BDV), Chemical Vapor Deposition, Device characteristics, Dielectric structure, Field operation, Field-effect transistors(FETs), Gate oxide, Geometrical factor, High electric field, Metal-oxide(MOX), Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor(MOSFET)