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학술대회 A New Control Owner Switching System for Multiple TV Viewers Via Face Recognition
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주정우, 한동윤, 김지환, 이인재, 차지훈, 김준모
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2015, pp.323-326
14MR9400, (통합)방송용 영상 인식 기반 객체 중심 지식 융합 미디어 서비스 플랫폼 개발, 조기성
Through the development of pattern recognition methods, many researchers have proposed various systems to control a TV that can be activated automatically without devices. In this paper, we propose a control owner switching system of TV via multi-user face recognition and head gesture recognition. We mainly focus on rotation invariant and wide-range (up to four meters) multi-user face recognition so that the system can be applied to indoor environments. In addition, we propose a deviceless TV control owner switching system using a small behavior of the user. As a method of switching, we suggest switching the TV control ownership by shaking the user's head from left to right for a few times. Experimental result shows that switching system is perfect for transferring control ownership.
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Experimental Result, Gesture recognition, Head gesture, Indoor Environment, Pattern recognition methods, Wide range, face recognition, multi-user, rotation invariant, switching system