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학술대회 A Novel L5 Tracking Scheme for QZSS Satellite Using L1/L5 Synchronization Characteristics
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주인원, 신천식, 이상욱, 김재훈
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2015, pp.144-147
14MR3600, GNSS 전파혼신 방어기술 및 검증 플랫폼 기술 개발, 신천식
In this paper, we propose a novel L5 tracking scheme for QZSS satellite using L1/L5 synchronization characteristics in the L1/L5 receiver. The QZSS consists of a multiple number of satellites that fly in the orbit passing through the near zenith over Japan. The Michibiki, the first QZSS satellite, is transmitting all the positioning signals including the L1/L5 signals. As the code length of L5 signal is 10-times that of L1 signal, the L5 acquisition process takes too much time. To reduce this acquisition processing time, a higher number of correlators should be used in the acquisition module. These makes the hardware complexity and the computation power increase. As the proposed scheme uses the L1 tracking results such as the PRN, bit synchronization, and Doppler frequency, it doesn't need the extra L5 acquisition module and provides fast and stable tracking of L5 signal. The feasibility of the proposed scheme is demonstrated by processing L1/L5 signal transmitted from the QZSS satellite.
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Acquisition module, Bit synchronization, Code length, Computation power, Doppler Frequency, Hardware complexity, Stable tracking, Synchronization characteristics, power increase, processing time