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학술대회 Providing of SoT Collaboration System for interworking with Smart Home Devices
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이훈기, 박노삼, 장종현, Hyeon-Soo Kim
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2015, pp.255-256
14ZC1300, 생활체감형 IoR 서비스 제공을 위한 USN/WoT 융합 플랫폼 기술 개발, 방효찬
Recently, various smart devices are interconnected within the home network environment and such smart home support collaborations between those devices based on the WEB of Things (WoT). The evolving concept of the WoT in the smart home network not only provide a simply control by users either within or outside of the home, but requires to support ubiquitous accessibility and sharing resources. Current smart home users are expanding their activities simply from one's dwelling environment to the social network and such phenomenon requires a new way of approaches to support WEB of Things available. In the conventional smart home environment, the interoperability issues including UPnP and DLNA and the media sharing were mainly focused regarding the approaches for accessing heterogeneous home devices. The recent changes and requirements are based on the collaboration services based on the social network information for searching and interoperating various objects. The paper introduce a concept and applications of "Social WEB of Things" (SoT) for supporting device to device collaborative services based on the social relationship information of users for controlling and sharing the WEB based objects in the home network environment.
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Collaboration system, Collaborative services, Device to Device(D2D), Dwelling environment, Home Devices, Media sharing, Network information, Smart Home Network, Smart Homes(SH), Smart devices, Smart home environment