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학술대회 Radio Access Scheme Using Super Pilot Channel in Reconfigurable Multi RAT-Based Wireless Communication System
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박우구, 송호영
Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT) 2015, pp.78-82
In this paper, we propose a new radio access method using super pilot channel in reconfigurable multi Radio Access Technology (RAT)-based wireless communication system. The goals of the proposed method are directed to a system and a process for radio access having compatibility with existing systems, being capable of increasing frequency efficiency, and being capable of increasing the transmitting rate. The intermediate results of the paper lay the ground for designing a new 5G air interface beyond LTE-A, which suits the diverse needs of future applications, like interference coordination between small cells and macro cells.
Dynamic spectrum allocation, Flexible spectrum management, Macro-band, Micro-band, Pilot channel, Reconfigurability, Super pilot channel, Wireless communication
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5G air interface, Access method, Access scheme, Beyond LTE, Frequency efficiency, Future applications, Long term evolution-advanced(LTE-A), Macro cell, Multi radio access technology, Multiple radio access technologies(Multi-RATs), Pilot channel