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학술대회 Integrated Optical Refractometer Based on Bend Waveguide with Air Trench Structure
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류진화, 박재훈, 강찬모, 손영달, 도이미, 백규하
International Conference on Nano-Bio Sensing, Imaging, and Spectroscopy (NBSIS) 2015 (SPIE 9523), pp.1-6
14PC1700, 인쇄 공정을 이용한 40인치 이상의 디지털 사이니지 디스플레이용 TFT array 개발, 백규하
This study proposed a novel optical sensor based on a refractometer integrating a bend waveguide and a trench structure. The optical sensor is a planar lightwave circuit (PLC) device involving a bend waveguide with maximum optical loss. A trench structure was aligned with the partially exposed core layera?궗?꽓s sidewall of the bend waveguide, providing a quantitative measurement condition. The insertion losses of the proposed 1 x 2 single-mode optical splitter-type sensor were 4.38 dB and 8.67 dB for the reference waveguide and sensing waveguide, respectively, at a wavelength of 1,550 nm. The optical loss of the sensing waveguide depends on the change in the refractive index of the material in contact with the trench, but the reference waveguide had stable optical propagating characteristic regardless of the variations of the refractive index.
air trench, bend waveguide, Integrated refractometer, optical sensor, planar lightwave circuit
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Bend waveguide, Measurement condition, Optical loss, Optical sensors, Optical splitter, Planar lightwave circuit(PLC), Sensor based, Single mode, Trench structure, insertion loss, quantitative measurement