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학술대회 Challenges of LTE High-Speed Railway Network to Coexist with LTE Public Safety Network
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최진규, 조한벽, 오현서, 김경호, 방문진, 유일선, 유흥균
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.543-547
14GC2400, 철도전용 무선통신망 표준화 연구, 조한벽
As the speed of train trialled by the French National Rail Corporation has reached more than 500 km/h, the secure and continuous connection to the train control system has only grown more important. In this paper, current status and progress of national disaster safety network project and LTE-based integrated wireless network for railway in Korea, firstly, and the major challenges of LTE-R network to coexist with LTE public safety network are addressed in the aspect of the air interface requirements for the essential railway services. In our view, it is the most important thing at present for designing and planning LTE railway network to eliminate - not to mitigate or reduce - the radio interference, especially from the adjacent LTE public safety network to LTE-based wireless train control because they use the same frequency band.
LTE Railway Network, LTE-R, PS-LTE, Public Safety Network
KSP 제안 키워드
Air interface, Continuous connection, Current status, LTE Railway Network, PS-LTE, Public Safety Network, Train control system, Wireless network, frequency band, high-speed railway, radio interference