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학술지 Highly Stable, High Mobility Al:SnZnInO Back-Channel Etch Thin-Film Transistor Fabricated Using PAN-Based Wet Etchant for Source and Drain Patterning
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조성행, Jong Beom Ko, 유민기, 양종헌, Hye-In Yeom, Sun Kwon Lim, 황치선, 박상희
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, v.62 no.11, pp.3653-3657
14PB2600, 폭 1500mm 플렉서블 기판에 산화물 박막 트랜지스터 증착을 위한 스퍼터 장비 실용화 기술 개발, 조성행
We report the electrical characteristics of backchannel etch (BCE) metal-oxide-semiconductor thin-film transistor (TFT) comprised of aluminum-doped tin-zinc-indium oxide (ATZIO). It has high etch selectivity in wet chemical etchants, which consist of H3PO4, CH3COOH, and HNO3. This is contrary to the conventional metal-oxide-semiconductors of indium-gallium-zinc oxides, which are highly soluble in the acidic chemicals. As a result, no etch stop layer is needed to protect the backchannel from the wet etchant damage during the source and drain patterning in the bottom-gate-staggered TFT structure. This provides the possibility of oxide TFT fabrication process made as simple as that of the current amorphous silicon TFT using three or four photomasks with short channel length and less parasitic capacitance. The electrical characteristics of our ATZIO BCE-TFTs have the mobility of 21.4 cm2/Vs , subthreshold swing (S.S) of 0.11 V/decade, and threshold voltage of 0.8 V. In spite of the BCE structure, they have excellent stability against bias temperature stress, which shows the threshold voltage shifts of +0.75 V and-0.51 V under the prolonged positive (+20 V) and negative (-20 V) gate bias stresses for 10 000 s at 60 °C, respectively.
acetic acid, Aluminum-doped tin-zinc-indium oxide (ATZIO), and nitric acid (PAN) etchant for source/drain (SD)., backchannel etch thin-film transistor (BCE-TFT), high mobility, high stability, phosphoric acid
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51 V, Acetic acid(AA), Aluminum-doped, Bias temperature stress, Bottom gate, Channel Length, Etch selectivity, High Mobility, Highly stable, Metal-oxide(MOX), Oxide TFTs