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학술지 Automatic Building Reconstruction with Satellite Images and Digital Maps
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이동천, 염재홍, 신성웅, 오재홍, 박기석
ETRI Journal, v.33 no.4, pp.537-546
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
11KC1100, HTML5기반 2D GIS Web 앱엔진 개발, 박지상
This paper introduces an automated method for building height recovery through the integration of highresolution satellite images and digital vector maps. A crosscorrelation matching method along the vertical line locus on the Ikonos images was deployed to recover building heights. The rational function models composed of rational polynomial coefficients were utilized to create a stereopair of the epipolar resampled Ikonos images. Building footprints from the digital maps were used for locating the vertical guideline along the building edges. The digital terrain model (DTM) was generated from the contour layer in the digital maps. The terrain height derived from the DTM at each foot of the buildings was used as the starting location for image matching. At a preset incremental value of height along the vertical guidelines derived from vertical line loci, an evaluation process that is based on the cross-correlation matching of the images was carried out to test if the top of the building has reached where maximum correlation occurs. The accuracy of the reconstructed buildings was evaluated by the comparison with manually digitized 3D building data derived from aerial photographs. © 2011 ETRI.
Building modeling, Epipolar image, Image matching, Rational function model, Vertical line locus
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3D buildings, Aerial photographs, Automated method, Building Reconstruction, Building footprints, Building height, Building modeling, Correlation matching, Cross-Correlation, Digital map, Digital terrain model