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학술지 A Fault Tolerant Channel Allocation Scheme in Distributed Cloud Networks
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조재일, 박기현, 김태연, 전홍석, 이원혁, 김현철
Cluster Computing, v.18 no.4, pp.1423-1433
15MI2200, (통합)스마트 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 양선희
With the cloud computing, storage and computing resources are moving to remote resources such as virtual servers and storage systems in large datacenters, which raise many performance and management challenges. The distributed cloud networks must have an ability to maintain an acceptable level of service during network failures to provide high resilience against service failures. This paper presents an eccentric fault tolerant path grouping scheme that can achieve mobility independent Quality of Service guaranteed services in distributed cloud networks To make this possible, we propose a path allocation and restoration strategy called ?쏳everse Shared Risk Link Group?? and demonstrates how this concept can be applied to minimize recovery contention in cloud networks and to assess the network convergence associated with failures. To reflect little more actual situations, we assume that the bandwidth of cloud connection requests can be some fraction of the light path capacity. Simulation results show that the proposed recovery scheme outperforms other schemes with fewer signaling traffics and contention probability. Very fast restorability can be accomplished for multiple failures. We also has developed an analytical model and performed analysis for the proposed scheme in terms of two performance factors: mean system time and reservation blocking probability.
Cloud networks, Fast restoration, Micro datacentre, Recovery contention, Reverse Shared Risk Link Group
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Allocation scheme, Analytical model, Blocking probability(BP), Channel Allocation, Cloud Computing, Cloud networks, Computing resources, Distributed cloud, Fast restoration, Fault-tolerant, Guaranteed services