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학술지 A Healthcare Information Sharing Scheme in Distributed Cloud Networks
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강선영, 김태연, 전홍석, 이원혁, 강승애
Cluster Computing, v.18 no.4, pp.1405-1410
15MI2200, (통합)스마트 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 양선희
Current information & communication technology infrastructures are struggling for a wide variety of devices, services, and business and technology evolution. Cloud computing is becoming a promising platform and has developed rapidly. In contrast to traditional enterprise IT solution, it enables enterprises to procure computing resources on demand basis and delegate management of all the resources to the cloud service provider. Healthcare information networks have emerged as one of the major research area in the cloud networks. Healthcare information is communication and information systems and technology that facilitate quality patient care, progressive medical education, and innovative research. Healthcare information networks must ensure the reliability and efficiency because it transfers highly personal data. Thus, it guarantees and keeps a certain level of transfer efficiency. In the distributed cloud environments, management costs for the network and computing resources are solved fundamentally through the integrated management system. It can increase the cost savings to solve the traffic explosion problem of core network via a distributed micro datacenters (DCs). However, traditional flooding methods may cause a lot of traffic because it had to send data to all the neighbor DCs. Restricted Path Flooding algorithms have been proposed for this purpose. In large networks, there is still the disadvantage that may occur traffic. In this paper, we develope lightweight path flooding algorithm to improve existing flooding algorithm using hop count restriction. This paper also investigates the problem of partial information sharing.
Cloud networks, Datacenter, Helathcare information, Partial information
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Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Providers(CSP), Cloud networks, Computing resources, Core Network, Cost savings, Distributed cloud, Enterprise IT, Healthcare information, Information Sharing, Information networks