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학술대회 A Study of Robot Motion Planning using Information of Crowd Density
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박승환, 조재일
International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI) 2015, pp.159-160
14PC6500, 병원의 광역 환경에 적용가능한 물류 로봇 시스템 개발, 이재연
A robot should know when and how it can move safely without any collision with humans in a space where many people move in various directions. In this paper, we suggest an idea that a robot can move adequately in a complex environment with human crowd. For this purpose, we define the degree of crowd density by using the ratio of blocked space to total space. Current time is also saved to decide more proper motion of a robot with time information. Then, a global path of a robot will be generated under consideration of the elimination of a sudden evasion or a dull motion due to human crowd. Using this idea, a robot will be able to complete its motion without any threat to some vulnerable people such as elders and/or patients.
Crowd Density, Environment Information, Object Clustering, Safe Motion
KSP 제안 키워드
Complex environment, Crowd Density, Environment information, Global Path, Human crowd, Object Clustering, Robot motion planning, Safe Motion, Time information, Using information, Vulnerable people