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학술대회 Study on IoT based Wild Vegetation Community Ecological Monitoring System
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김내수, 이계선, 류재홍
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2015, pp.311-316
15NC1200, 무선 센서네트워크 기반 야생동식물 생태계 모니터링 기술개발, 김내수
This paper presents a study on the Internet of Things based low-power wireless sensor networks for remote monitoring of wildlife ecosystem due to climate change. Especially, it is targeting the wild vegetation communities ecological monitoring. First, this paper is presented the platform concept that can effectively monitor, analyze and predict the ecosystem changes based on Internet of Things technology. Based on this, this paper is proposed the required sensors and system architecture of low-power wireless sensor networks based on Internet of Things for the wild vegetation community ecological monitoring. In addition, the design and implementation results for the main components of the system are shown. Finally, it shows the operating results of test-bed which was applied to real wild trees, using the developed prototype.
Ecological Monitoring, Internet of Things, Wild Vegetation Community, Wireless Sensor Network
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Climate Change, Internet of Things technology, Internet of thing(IoT), Low-power wireless, Monitoring system, Remote monitoring, System architecture, Test-bed, Wireless sensor networks(WSNs), design and implementation, ecological monitoring