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학술대회 ID Based Web Browser with P2P Property
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전해숙, 정희영, 전우직
International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking (FGCN) 2015, pp.41-44
15ZI1200, 고품격 미래인터넷을위한 식별자기반 네트워킹기술연구, 정희영
The main usage pattern of internet is shifting from traditional host-to-host central model to content dissemination model. It leads to the pretty prompt growth in Internet content. CDN and P2P are two mainstream techmologies to provide streaming content services in the current Internet. In recent years, some researchers have begun to focus on CDN-P2P-hybrid architecture and ISP-friendly P2P content delivery technology. Web applications have become one of the fundamental internet services. How to effectively support the popular browser-based web application is one of keys to success for future internet projects. This paper proposes ID based browser with caching in IDNet. IDNet consists of id/locator separation scheme and domain-insulated autonomous network architecture (DIANA) which redesign the future internet in the clean slate basis. Experiment shows that ID web browser with caching function can support how to disseminate content and how to find the closet network in IDNet having identical contents.
Browser, CDN, ID, IDNet, P2P
KSP 제안 키워드
CDN-P2P, Central model, Content dissemination model, Hybrid architecture, Internet service, Network Architecture, P content, Web application, Web browser, autonomous network, browser-based