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학술대회 이동 로봇을 위한 사각형 기반 위치 추정의 기하학적 방법
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이주행, 이재연, 이아현, 김재홍
한국 로봇 종합 학술 대회 2015, pp.1-2
15PC5100, 로봇 적용 범위 확장을 위해 3종의 조인트 모듈, 최대 7자유도의 기구부 조합에 따른 제어, 인지 시스템의 자동 구성이 가능한 모듈라 매니퓰레이션 기술 개발, 김재홍
A rectangle-based relative localization method is proposed for a mobile robot based on a novel geometric formulation. In an artificial environment where a mobile robot navigates, rectangular shapes are ubiquitous. When a scene rectangle is captured using a camera attached to a mobile robot, localization can be performed and described in the relative coordinates of the scene rectangle. Especially, our method works with a single image for a scene rectangle whose aspect ratio is not known. Moreover, a camera calibration is unnecessary with an assumption of the pinhole camera model. The proposed method is largely based on the theory of coupled line cameras (CLC), which provides a basis for efficient computation with analytic solutions and intuitive geometric interpretation. We introduce the fundamentals of CLC and describe the proposed method with some experimental results in simulation environment.
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Camera Calibration, Efficient computation, Geometric interpretation, Localization method, Mobile robots, Pinhole camera model, Relative Localization, Relative coordinates, Simulation Environment, Single image, analytic solution