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학술지 SDN-Based Resource Allocation for Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
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강세훈, 신용윤, 양선희, 윤원용
Journal of Internet Technology, v.16 no.6, pp.1051-1064
Taiwan Academic Network Management Committee
15MI2200, (통합)스마트 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 양선희
In emerging multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks (WMNs), how to allocate network resources to provide individual users with their fair rate share is a central but very complex issue due to their inherent multi-channel diversity and multi-hop connectivity. In this paper, we attempt to apply and extend a software-defined networking (SDN) approach to user-level fair resource allocation problems where both proportional fairness and max-min fairness are examined. We first mathematically formulate fair user resource allocation problems in multi-channel WMNs by seeking the maximization of objective functions under the network utility maximization framework. We then design both SDN controller-side and user device-side algorithms to solve the formulated problem in a centralized holistic manner. We apply the algorithms to control peruser link-layer rates according to a fairness criterion while we resort to traditional transport-layer congestion control for the regulation of individual flows for each user. For performance evaluation, we conduct a system-level simulation study to verify the convergence property of the proposed user fairness resource allocation solution and highlight the benefits of the SDN approach.
Network utility maximization, Resource allocation, Software-defined networking, Wireless mesh network
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Congestion control, Convergence property, Fair Resource Allocation, Fairness criterion, Max-min fairness, Multi-Radio Multi-Channel wireless mesh networks, Network Utility Maximization, Network resources, Performance evaluation, Proportional Fairness, Resource Allocation Problem