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학술대회 Signaling of a Downloadable Hybrid 3DTV Service System Using Broadcast and Broadband Channels
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이진영, 정원식, 윤국진, 이광순
3DTV-Conference (3DTV-CON) 2015, pp.1-3
14MR8500, 8K UHD 및 4K S3D(stereoscopic 3D) 콘텐츠의 획득/저장/Ingest 및 전송용 비디오 서버 기술 개발, 정원식
Increasing interests and demands on 3DTV contents have leaded broadcasting related industries to search for technologies that can provides 3D video over broadcasting channels. However, due to the bandwidth limitation of the broadcasting channels, technologies that are based on a single broadcasting channel could not provide high bitrate HD quality 3D video. Therefore, industries had faced need for a multi-channel based 3D service technology. The hybrid 3DTV streaming system using broadcasting and broadband channels is a form of multi-channel based 3D service technology that transmits the one view of 3D content over a single broadcasting channel and transmits the other view over a broadband network channel. The system resolved quality degradation issues of the single broadcasting channel based systems, however, due to unstable nature of the broadband network such as bandwidth fluctuation and packet losses, and extra delay to support broadband delivery, intermittent service failure and longer channel zapping delay were inevitable. To provide high bitrate HD quality 3D service without delay and failure, this paper proposes a downloadable hybrid 3DTV system using broadcasting and broadband channels focusing on service signaling mechanism. Experiments have shown that the proposed system provides high bitrate HD quality 3D content without delay and failure.
Broadband, Broadcasting, Downloadable, Hybrid 3DTV
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3D Video, 3D content, Bandwidth limitation, Broadband networks, Channel zapping, Hybrid 3DTV, Network Channel, Quality degradation, Service System, Signaling mechanism, Streaming system