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학술대회 Light Adaptable Display for Future Advertising Service
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변춘원, 양종헌, 피재은, 이현구, 김기현, 권병화, 조성목, 이정익, 김용해, 조경익, 조성행, 이승우, 황치선
International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2015, pp.4-5
15MB1600, 미래광고 서비스를 위한 에너지절감형 환경적응 I/O (Input/Output) 플랫폼 기술 개발, 황치선
In this paper, a new light-adaptable display (LAD) structure with minimum power consumption is proposed for the future advertising service, and the demonstrated results are reported. An organic light-emitting diode with color reflection (colored OLED) was applied for the reflective- and emissivemode device, and a guest-host liquid-crystal device (GH-LC) was adopted for the light shutter device.The current efficiency and reflectance of the colored OLED were 35.15 cd/A at 457 cd/m2 luminance and 63% for the yellow color, respectively. The measured contrast ratio of GH-LC was 15.5:1 at darkroom conditions, respectively. Transparent oxide thin-film transistors were used for the backplane, and their average mobility was 9.08 cm2/V s, with a 0.5 standard deviation. Through the optimization of the fabrication process and the structures of each device, the LAD adaptively operating according to the environmental illuminance from dark to 10,000 nits was successfully demonstrated. Moreover, a new LAD driving method was proposed for minimizing the power consumption.