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학술대회 A Channel Allocation Scheme Considering with Collisions and Interferences in Practical UHF RFID Applied Communication Fields
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여선미, 전부원, 배재현, 문영주, 김예주, 노형환, 박준석, 성영락, 오하령, 김정석, 박찬원, 최길영
International Conference on RFID 2008, pp.258-268
08MC4100, 개별물품 단위 응용을 위한 차세대 RFID 기술 개발, 채종석
In this paper, a channel allocation scheme for mediating UHF RFID bands is proposed. This scheme is designed for delivering a less-invasive channel area, a system capability enhancement, and intuitive data offering for overall strict the channel use and standardization UHF band (860MHz-to-960MHz). Several critical factors shall be discussed and simulated; thus, we can show the validity of this channel allocation proposal. Mostly, we focused on reducing collision effects among different types of UHF RFID reader systems within a single channel area and this shall be extended through some calculation and simulation works. Based on those works, we could obtain the appropriate solution for allocating each channel at less-invasion levels. This also will be discussed, presented and concluded with simulation results. © 2008 IEEE.
Channel allocation scheme, Collision avoidance, UHF RFID
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Allocation scheme, Channel Allocation, Critical factors, Single Channel, UHF RFID Reader, UHF band, collision avoidance, simulation results, system capability