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학술지 An Efficient Mobility Management Scheme for Convergence Mobile Media Multicast Services in NGN
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정일구, 류원, 김진술
Multimedia Tools and Applications, v.74 no.7, pp.2201-2217
14MI9200, (통합)스마트 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 이병선
This paper proposes mobility management architecture and scheme for network-based convergence mobile media multicast service, called Access Independent Mobile Service - with Mobile Multicast (AIMS-MM), which provides fast and seamless multicast service handover mechanism among heterogeneous wireless access networks with the minimum modifications on terminal devices. The proposed scheme applies a method to fast re-join the relevant multicast stream by enabling the AIMS-MM system to collect multicast group information through multicast group information handler located in the multicast router and providing related information to the router upon terminal handover. The advantage of the proposed method can provide an efficient seamless multicast service with fast connecting when they handover each other among heterogeneous wireless access networks with the proposed mobility management scheme. Also, the proposed scheme can provides the reliability and resource efficiency in the wireless area via exclusion of signaling in the wireless area. Through numerical analysis and the test-bed implementation, we have shown the superiority and practicality of the proposed scheme convergence mobile media multicast services in NGN. Experimental results show that the proposed method with AIMS-MM improve QoS with reducing delay time when comparing with MIP-BT-opt, HMIP-BT-opt, PMIP, etc., methods in terms of multicast service handover and etc.
Convergence, Handover, Mobile media service, Mobility management, Multicast
KSP 제안 키워드
Delay Time, Group information, Handover mechanism, Heterogeneous wireless access, Media service, Mobile media, Mobile multicast, Mobile services, Mobility management, Multicast group, Multicast services