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학술지 60-GHz System-on-Packaging Transmitter for Radio-Over-Fiber Applications
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김제하, 정용덕, 최광성, 신동수, 심재식, 유현규
Journal of Lightwave Technology, v.26 no.15, pp.2379-2387
Using ultra-high-speed electroabsorption modulator (EAM) devices for RF/ optic conversion, we fabricated system-on-packaging (SOP) transmitter (Tx) modules and characterized their performance in 60-GHz RF/ radio-over-fiber (ROF) applications. Both an EAM and low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) were co-packaged with internal bias circuits into a butterfly-type metal housing. At the EAM temperature, T ~ °C and the EAM reverse bias, VR ~ 1.6 V was the largest RF gain obtained that was very susceptible to the change of T. The impedance matching in the 60-GHz band was accomplished with both a microstrip-line bandpass filter and a 500-廓 shunt resistor, which defined the 2-GHz passband of the SOP transmitter. In 60-GHz two-tone experiments, we observed that the spurious free dynamic range of an SOP module with two LNAs was 78 dB 쨌 Hz2/3 while that of the narrowband EAM module showed 82 dB 쨌 Hz2/3. In contrast, the noise figure exhibited a large reduction of up to 30 dB for the SOP module compared with the narrowband EAM module. Using the SOP Tx module, we achieved successful transmission of commercial high-definition digital CATV signals in 64-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) format through the 60-GHz RF/ROF link. The total throughput of the link was estimated to be 6.5 Gb/s. © 2008 IEEE.
60-GHz radio-over-fiber (ROF), 64-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), Electroabsorption modulator, Impedance matching, Low-noise amplifier, Microstrip-line bandpass filter, Noise figure, RF gain, RF packaging, Spurious free dynamic range, System-on-packaging (SOP) transmitter
KSP 제안 키워드
60 GHz band, 60 GHz radio, Band pass Filter(BPF), High definition, Microstrip Line, Noise Figure(NF), Quadrature-amplitude modulation(QAM), RF gain, RF packaging, Reverse bias, Shunt resistor