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학술지 Design and Fabrication of Label-Free Biochip Using a Guided Mode Resonance Filter with Nano Grating Structures by Injection Molding Process
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E. Cho, B. Kim, S. Choi, J. Han, J. Jin, J. Han, J. Lim, Y. Heo, S. Kim, 성건용, 강신일
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.11 no.1, pp.417-421
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
09IC1500, 유비쿼터스 건강관리용 모듈 시스템, 김승환
This paper introduces technology to fabricate a guided mode resonance filter biochip using injection molding. Of the various nanofabrication processes that exist, injection molding is the most suitable for the mass production of polymer nanostructures. Fabrication of a nanograting pattern for guided mode resonance filters by injection molding requires a durable metal stamp, because of the high injection temperature and pressure. Careful consideration of the optimized process parameters is also required to achieve uniform sub-wavelength gratings with high fidelity. In this study, a metallic nanostructure pattern to be used as the stamp for the injection molding process was fabricated using electron beam lithography, a UV nanoimprinting process, and an electroforming process. A onedimensional nanograting substrate was replicated by injection molding, during which the process parameters were controlled. To evaluate the geometric quality of the injection molded nanograting patterns, the surface profile of the fabricated nanograting for different processing conditions was analyzed using an atomic force microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Finally, to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed process for fabricating guided mode resonance filter biochips, a high-refractive-index material was deposited on the polymer nanograting and its guided mode resonance characteristics were analyzed. Copyright© 2011 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
Biochip, Guided mode resonance filter, Injection molding, Metallic stamp
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Atomic force microscope(AFM), Design and fabrication, Grating structure, Guided mode resonance filter(GMRF), Guided-mode resonance(GMR), High-fidelity, Injection molding process, Label-Free, Optimized process parameters, Polymer nanostructures, Processing conditions