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학술지 Analysis of Etching Mechanism and Etched Slope Control of Silicon for Nanoimprinting Lithography
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함용현, 김용근, 백규하, 도이미, 권광호, 박강박
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.11 no.7, pp.6523-6527
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
In the nanoimprint lithography (NIL) process, profile control of imprint masters is a very important task. Therefore, we attempted to control the etched slope of imprint masters as a function of adding O 2 to CF 4 plasma. Etched profile mechanisms and relationships between the etch kinetics and plasma chemistry were explored using zero-dimensional-based modeling. O 2 flow rate increased to 24 sccm, the Si etch rate increased l in the range I of 186-393 nm/min, while the etch rate rapidly decreased as the O 2 flow rate increases beyond 24 sccm. Meanwhile, change in the etch rate of SiO 2 followed a similar tendency as the etch rate of Si as a function of O 2 flow rate in the CF 4/O 2mixing gases. The Si and SiO 2 etch rate were expected to be closely dependent on the F radical intensity in CF 4/O 2 mixing gases. Moreover, the results of simulated normalized lateral etch critical dimension (NLECD) are in agreement with the measured NLECD as a function of O 2 flow rate in the CF 4/O 2 mixing gases. Copyright © 2011 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
Etch Mechanism, Etched Profile, Nanoimprint, Silicon Master
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CF 4, Critical dimension, Etch mechanism, Etch rates, Flow rate, Nanoimprinting lithography, SiO 2, Slope control, etching mechanism, nanoimprint lithography, plasma chemistry