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학술지 Improving Performance of X-Rated Video Classification with the Optimized Repeated Curve-Like Spectrum Feature and the Skip-and-Analysis Processing
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임재덕, 김정녀, 정영규, 윤영두, 이철훈
Multimedia Tools and Applications, v.71 no.2, pp.717-740
12PI1100, 다자간 협업을 위한 몰입형 스마트워크 핵심기술 개발, 김도영
This paper addresses the automatic classification of X-rated videos by analyzing its obscene sounds. In this paper, we propose the optimized repeated curve-like spectrum feature for classifying obscene sounds and the skip-and-analysis processing for classifying videos. The optimized repeated curve-like spectrum feature uses the longer frame size for stationary frequency region based on the fact that most of obscene sounds, such as sexual moans and screams, consist of mostly vowels and the variation of syllables occurs slowly compared to general speech. It also uses the customized mel-scaled bandpass filter for the valid frequency regions of obscene sounds with the frequency contents mainly under 5 kHz. The skip-and-analysis processing is based on the video playback characteristics that a harmful or normal scene continues to be played at least for certain duration of time during a playback. When the skip-and-analysis processing is applied, clips to be analyzed are selected by skip interval values and only these selected clips are used to classify videos. The processing performances of the optimized repeated curve-like spectrum feature have improvements from 21 % to 25.6 % compared to the repeated curve-like spectrum feature without degradation of classification performance in clip-level classification. Furthermore, when the skip-and-analysis processing is applied, the processing performance of classifying is improved significantly by from 82.59 % to 95.03 % maintaining the classification performance of more than 90 % at F1-score. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.
Audio feature, Obscene sound classification, Optimized repeated curve-like spectrum feature, Skip-and-analysis processing, Support vector machine, X-rated video classification
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At f, Audio Features, Automatic classification, Band pass Filter(BPF), Classification Performance, F1-score, Frame size, Interval values, Level classification, Playback characteristics, Region-based