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학술대회 A Fast Intra Prediction Method Using Hadamard Transform in High Efficiency Video Coding
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김연희, 전동산, 정순흥, 최진수
Visual Information Processing and Communication III (SPIE 8305), v.8305, pp.1-10
11PR1700, 무안경 다시점 3D지원 UHDTV 방송 기술 개발, 김진웅
For the higher coding performance than the previous video coding standards, high efficiency video coding (HEVC) adopts an angular intra prediction method, which requires heavy computational complexity due to the increased intra prediction modes. In this paper, we propose a fast intra prediction mode decision based on the estimation of rate distortion cost using Hadamard transform to reduce the number of intra prediction mode and early termination whether the current coding unit is splitted or not. The experimental results show that the proposed method reduces the computational complexity of intra prediction in HEVC and achieves similar coding performance to that of HEVC test mode 2.1. © 2012 SPIE-IS&T.
KSP 제안 키워드
Coding performance, Coding unit(CU), Computational complexity, Early Termination, Hadamard Transform, Intra prediction mode decision, Prediction methods, Rate-distortion cost, angular intra prediction, high efficiency video coding, video coding standard