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학술지 Interconnection Technology Based on InSn Solder for Flexible Display Applications
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최광성, 이학선, 배현철, 엄용성, 이진호
ETRI Journal, v.37 no.2, pp.387-394
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
14ZB1400, ESSOP CUBE 기술 기반 차세대 레이더 3D 모듈 개발, 이진호
A novel interconnection technology based on a 52InSn solder was developed for flexible display applications. The display industry is currently trying to develop a flexible display, and one of the crucial technologies for the implementation of a flexible display is to reduce the bonding process temperature to less than 150°C. InSn solder interconnection technology is proposed herein to reduce the electrical contact resistance and concurrently achieve a process temperature of less than 150°C. A solder bump maker (SBM) and fluxing underfill were developed for these purposes. SBM is a novel bumping material, and it is a mixture of a resin system and InSn solder powder. A maskless screen printing process was also developed using an SBM to reduce the cost of the bumping process. Fluxing underfill plays the role of a flux and an underfill concurrently to simplify the bonding process compared to a conventional flip-chip bonding using a capillary underfill material. Using an SBM and fluxing underfill, a 20 um pitch InSn solder SoP array on a glass substrate was successfully formed using a maskless screen printing process, and two glass substrates were bonded at 130°C.
Flexible display, Fluxing underfill, InSn solder, Low-temperature bonding, Maskless screen printing technology, Solder powder, Solder-on-pad technology
KSP 제안 키워드
Bonding process, Contact resistance(73.40.Cg), Display applications, Electrical contact resistance, Flip-chip bonding, Glass substrate, InSn solder, Low temperature(LT), Low temperature bonding, Printing technology, Process temperature