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학술지 Development of Copper Electro-Plating Technology on a Screen-Printed Conductive Pattern with Copper Paste
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엄용성, 손지혜, 이학선, 최광성, 배현철, 최정열, 오태성, 문종태
한국마이크로전자 및 패키징학회지, v.22 no.1, pp.51-54
한국마이크로전자 및 패키징학회지
An electro-plating technology on a cured isotropic conductive pattern with a hybrid Cu paste composed ofresin matrix, copper, and solder powders has been developed. In a conventional technology, Ag paste was used to performa conductive pattern on a PCB or silicon substrate. From previous research, the electrical conductive mechanism and principleof the hybrid Cu paste were concisely investigated. The isotropic conductive pattern on the PCB substrate was performedusing screen-printing technology. The optimum electro-plating condition was experimentally determined byprocessing parameters such as the metal content of the hybrid Cu paste, applied current density, and time for the electroplatingin the plating bath. The surfaces and cross-sections were observed using optical and SEM photographs. In conclusion,the optimized processing conditions for Cu electro-plating technology on the conductive pattern were a currentdensity of 40mA/cm2 and a plating time of 20min on the hybrid Cu paste with a metal content of 44 vol.%. More detailsof the mechanical properties and processing conditions will be investigated in further research.
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Ag paste, Applied current density, Conductive pattern, Cross section, Cu paste, Electrical conductive, Electro-plating, Mechanical properties(PMCs), Metal content, Plating bath, Plating technology