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학술대회 Performance Comparison of Tap Gestures on Small-Screen Touch Devices
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신희숙, 임정묵, 오창목, 김민규, 정현태, 손지연
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2015, pp.120-121
14MS9200, (통합)인간친화형 디바이스(스킨패치, 멀티모달 서피스) 및 디바이스 소셜 프레임워크 기술 개발, 배창석
This paper describes a new type of tapping touch gesture called different-finger tap. We classified four tapping gestures as expanding tap gestures and performed a user experiment to investigate their tapping speed and error count during button touch interaction together with the different-finger tap gesture. The results showed that the different-finger tap gesture led to faster tapping time than the long-tap gesture and a lower error count than that seen with the double-tap gesture, although users were required to perform complex mental activities to use the different-finger tap gesture because it was unfamiliar. Participants reported that the different-finger tap gesture was the most suitable for tasks that require the tapping of small buttons correctly and quickly, such as text entry, when it was used together with the single-tap gesture.
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Performance comparison, Text Entry, Touch Gesture, Touch devices, User Experiment, new type, touch interaction