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학술지 Structure Modulated Electrostatic Deformable Mirror for Focus and Geometry Control
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남세광, 박선택, 윤성률, 박봉제, 박승구, 경기욱
Optics Express, v.24 no.1, pp.55-66
Optical Society of America(OSA)
15ME1300, 형상 재구성이 가능한 능동 마이크로 렌즈 어레이, 경기욱
We suggest a way to electrostatically control deformed geometry of an electrostatic deformable mirror (EDM) based on geometric modulation of a basement. The EDM is composed of a met al coated elastomeric membrane (active mirror) and a polymeric basement with electrode (ground). When an electrical voltage is applied across the components, the active mirror deforms toward the stationary basement responding to electrostatic attraction force in an air gap. Since the differentiated gap distance can induce change in electrostatic force distribution between the active mirror and the basement, the EDMs are capable of controlling deformed geometry of the active mirror with different basement structures (concave, flat, and protrusive). The modulation of the deformed geometry leads to significant change in the range of the focal length of the EDMs. Even under dynamic operations, the EDM shows fairly consistent and large deformation enough to change focal length in a wide frequency range (1~175 Hz). The geometric modulation of the active mirror with dynamic focus tunability can allow the EDM to be an active mirror lens for optical zoom devices as well as an optical component controlling field of view.
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Air-gap, Attraction force, Basement structures, Deformable mirror, Dynamic focus, Dynamic operation, Electrostatic force, Field of view(FOV), Focal length, Gap distance, Large Deformation