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학술대회 A 2.59-GHz RF Self-Interference Cancellation Circuit with Wide Dynamic Range for In-Band Full-Duplex Radio
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김승현, 전영일, 노고산, 박윤옥, 김일규, 신현철
International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2016, pp.1-4
15ZI1100, 트래픽 용량 증대를 위한 액세스 네트워크 원천기술 연구, 김진업
A 2.59GHz self-interference cancellation (SIC) circuit is presented for in-band full-duplex radio. The SIC circuit is based on an analog vector modulator whose output can automatically track the time-varying self-interference signal through an analog LMS algorithm based weight calculation circuit. By adding a variable gain stage after the vector modulator, the total dynamic range is significantly widened so that the SIC can deal with large Tx power variation and/or Tx-to-Rx attenuation. Implemented in 16.4 × 11.9 cm2 printed circuit board, the circuit achieves the cancellation ratio of 39.2 dB and 39.4 dB for 5MHz and 10MHz bandwidth 16-QAM signal, respectively. Also, the dynamic range is increased from 22 dB to 40 dB by properly setting the variable gain.
5G, adaptive cancellation, dynamic range, Full-duplex, self-interference cancellation
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16 quadrature amplitude modulation(16QAM), Full-Duplex(FuDu), In-band full duplex, LMS algorithm, MHz bandwidth, Power variation, RF self-interference cancellation, Tx Power, Variable Gain, Weight Calculation, adaptive cancellation