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학술대회 ETRI Script Language and Procedure Execution for Satellite and Ground Operations Automation
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김인준, 이수전, 이병선, 김민회, 전봉기, 강병국
International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps) 2016, pp.1-6
15MR4800, 정지궤도 위성관제시스템 코어 S/W 표준 플랫폼 개발, 이병선
Scripting technologies and satellites operations are widely used in satellite control systems recently. They are also available for equipment control of ground station. ETRI has already developed satellite control software that operates a satellite by using generic script language like AngelScript and Python. These general-purpose script languages are portable, open, high-level, object-oriented, dynamic, and powerful, whereas they are too heavy and complex to be used by non-specialist. Most big problem is to be dependent on the dedicated interpreter (or script engine), which is hard for a developer to deal with. It can prevent that the developer creates a behavior of an instruction needed to operate a satellite. In the satellite control system, the important need for satellite operations is to execute flight operation procedures delivered by different spacecraft manufacturers. General-purpose script language is not easy to satisfy the need because the developer is hard to modify its script engine as above. To overcome these difficulties, ETRI developed custom script language and script engine to control and monitor a satellite and a ground station. We also implemented automated operation procedure executor to drive the operation procedure written in ETRI script language. The operation procedure executor is integrated with a TM/TC kernel and a database on the standardized ground software platform that we are implementing to support various geostationary satellites. By employing our automation products and platform, the developers can decrease workload for new developments and satisfy the operational needs at low cost. This paper provides a definition and an explanation of ETRI script language and operation procedure structure, explains how the operation procedures works with script engine and presents the results of the operation procedure execution in our operation procedure executor. Finally, we conclude by showing the benefits from the approach that executes the operation procedures via ETRI in-house script engine.
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AND operation, Automated operation, Control software, Flight operation, Geostationary satellite, Ground Station, Low-cost, New developments, Operation procedure, Satellite Control System, Script language