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학술대회 Improving Frequency Multiplexing of Random Access Resources for TDD System Enhancement
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박지수, 안재민
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2016, pp.661-666
15MI2500, 밀리미터파 5G 이동통신 시스템 개발, 김태중
To support a high density of mobile devices and its connections by means of rapid increase of mobile devices as well as small cells, various studies related to random access such as the random access load, better uplink resource utilization and interference among random access attempts have been developed for enhanced long-term evolution (LTE) system and 5G communication technology. In this paper, we discuss about the technical issues of random access resource configuration in time division duplex (TDD) mode and propose an improved method of it to make better uplink resource utilization on frequency domains and to minimize interference among random access attempts for physical random access channel (PRACH) resource allocation point of view, but it can also easily extend the LTE system. The proposed method is compared with LTE TDD PRACH configuration method through theoretical analysis. It shows that the proposed method provides better resource utilization for PRACH and physical uplink shared channel resources (PUSCH), allows flexible resource utilization in uplink scheduling, and is intuitive and effective in cell deployment with random access channel optimization in terms of random access resource configuration.
frequency resource multiplexing, PRACH configuration, random access channel
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5G communications, Channel optimization, Frequency multiplexing, High-density, Improved method, LTE systems, LTE-TDD, Long term Evolution(LTE), Mobile devices, Physical random access channel(PRACH), Random access channel(RACH)