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학술대회 IoT-based Data Transmitting System using a UWB and RFID System in Smart Warehouse
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이영재, 김진홍, 이혜민, 문기영
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2017, pp.1-3
17HD1100, 수출입 중소기업을 위한 IoT기반의 AEO(국제무역안전규제) 스마트 자동화 플랫폼 기술개발, 문기영
In the logistic environment, an automated warehouse is highly focused and implemented by the global company. To set up such a system, many sensors are installed to give the information to the central servers. To send the sensor data at the constant interval, it is necessary to use a DCU that is collecting the data and sending in a row. A DCU is easily connected to the several sensors with the different interfaces like a CAN port, UART, RS232 and so on. Functional design and hardware implementation of a DCU is performed and it is applied to the forklift that is operated to enter the shed or deliver from a warehouse. A RFID and UWB was connected to a DCU and they send their data to the server, wirelessly.
Data collecting unit(DCU), RFID, Ultrawide band(UWB)
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Automated warehouse, Data collecting unit(DCU), Data transmitting, Functional design, Hardware Implementation, IoT-based, RFID system, Set up, Ultra-Wide Band(UWB), sensor data