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학술대회 3D SiP Module using TSV and Novel Solder Bump Maker
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배현철, 최광성, 엄용성, 임병옥, 성기준, 정성해, 김병기, 강인수, 문종대
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2010, pp.1637-1641
10MB2100, 웨이퍼레벨 3차원 IC 설계 및 집적기술, 최광성
In this paper, a 3D system in package (SiP) module using through silicon vias (TSV) and novel solder bump maker (SBM) has been presented. The SBM is a paste material which is composed of the solder powder and polymer resin. The polymer resin had the smart properties to eliminate the oxide layers on the solder powder and electrode and to form the solder bumps on the electrodes using the rheological behavior of the droplets without any aligning methods. The five chips with TSVs were stacked on a Si interposer with the three redistribution layers (RDL) using the solder bumps formed by SBM and a fluxless underfill material. © 2010 IEEE.
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3D SiP, 3D system, Oxide layer, Polymer resin, Redistribution layer, Rheological Behavior, Si interposer, Smart properties, Solder bump, System in package(SIP), Through silicon vias(TSV)