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학술대회 A Composite Structure of ICT for Smart City: Integration Infrastructure and Collaboration Platform
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안재영, 이현우, 허재두, 황대준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.985-990
17HR4400, 고신뢰 사물지능 생태계 창출을 위한 TII(Trusted Information Infrastructure) S/W 프레임워크 개발, 이현우
The urban development vision that is 'smart city' is fast becoming a target of modern cities. However, it is hard to find a novel reference model and structural framework to help with the effective and efficient realization of such a vision. This paper puts forward a smart city structural framework in an attempt to address this problem. The suggested framework is based upon two distinctive modelling approaches to design ICT functions to plan a smart city, which in turn is derived from a general model of city spaces and infrastructures. Two modelling approaches are compared by its pros and cons, to combine selectively the promising features together with to derive a novel architecture of ICT function structure for a smart city. A composite model derived through the combinatorial work supports not only the planning of a smart city at a manageable level of granularity (infrastructures) but also the handling of heterogeneous management issues (cross governance and collaboration) to provide convergence services of a smart city.
city infrastructure, collaboration platform, interoperability, smart city, trust interworking
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Function structure, Reference Model, Smart city, Urban development, collaboration platform, composite model, composite structure, efficient realization, general model, pros and cons