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학술대회 A New Single Camera-based Ball Motion Analysis System for Virtual Sports
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김종성, 김명규
International Conference on Video and Image Processing (ICVIP) 2017, pp.212-217
In this paper, a new single camera-based ball motion analysis system is proposed for virtual sports. In the proposed system, a ball motion imaging process using a single camera combined with a multi-exposure trigger is used to capture a ball motion image without high-cost equipment. Then, a 2D ball motion analysis process using pixel labeling and circle fitting algorithms is used to obtain the 2D ball positions and size from that ball motion image. Finally, a new 3D ball motion analysis process is used to simultaneously estimate the 3D ball positions and velocity by solving new ball motion equations based on some 2D-3D perspective constraints on the ball positions and size. The performance of the proposed system was experimentally verified against a multiple camera-based system and a radar-based system within a virtual soccer platform. Experimental results show that the proposed system is highly effective and efficient for virtual sports.
Ball motion analysis, Ball motion equation, Ball motion imaging, Single camera, Virtual sports
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2D-3D, Analysis Process, Imaging process, Motion analysis system, Motion equation, Pixel labeling, Virtual sports, ball motion analysis, based system, camera based, circle fitting