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학술지 Pattern-Based Decoding for Wi-Fi Backscatter Communication of Passive Sensors
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황환웅, 임재한, 윤지훈, 정병장
Sensors, v.19 no.5, pp.1-18
18HF1100, 압축센싱, 무전원 및 초고속체 전송 기반 무선통신 효율극대화 연구, 이우용
Ambient backscatter communication enables passive sensors to convey sensing data on ambient RF signals in the air at ultralow power consumption. To extract data bits from such signals, threshold-based decoding has generally been considered, but suffers againstWi-Fi signals due to severe fluctuation of OFDM signals. In this paper, we propose a pattern-matching-based decoding algorithm for Wi-Fi backscatter communications. The key idea is the identification of unique patterns of signal samples that arise from the inevitable smoothing ofWi-Fi signals to filter out noisy fluctuation. We provide the mathematical basis of obtaining the pattern of smoothed signal samples as the slope of a line expressed in a closed-form equation. Then, the new decoding algorithm was designed to identify the pattern of received signal samples as a slope rather than classifying their amplitude levels. Thus, it is more robust against signal fluctuation and does not need tricky threshold configuration. Moreover, for even higher reliability, the pattern was identified for a pair of adjacent bits, and the algorithm decodes a bit pair at a time rather than a single bit. We demonstrate via testbed experiments that the proposed algorithm significantly outperforms conventional threshold-based decoding variants in terms of bit error rate for various distances and data rates.
Ambient backscatter communication, IoT, Sensor network, Sensor tag, Ultralow power communication
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Ambient RF, Backscatter Communication, Bit Error Rate(And BER), OFDM signal, Pattern-based, Power Consumption, Power communication, RF signals, Sensing data, Sensor Tag, Sensor networks
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