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학술대회 LwM2M based IoT Microservice Model with Repicas Synchronization Technique
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손승철, 고석갑, 이형옥, 이병탁
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1802-1804
20PK1100, 전력 빅데이터를 활용한 신산업 BM 및 서비스 개발·검증, 이병탁
Humans created HTTP to interface with servers about 30 years ago, but in the current Internet of Things era, using it to interface with constrained Things is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Therefore, IETF, a reputable standards organization that developed HTTP, is developing CoAP standards for the IoT. For the management of Things, the standardization group OMA is developing LwM2M, and a number of international companies are developing solutions with it for the management of Things. However, the explosive growth of the IoT market requires special preparation for them. It is the high availability and scalability of the IoT management platform. The modern technology to realize them is microservices, and existing LwM2M solutions must quickly consider migrating to microservices. In this paper, we present a REST API-based message exchange model and additional a novel microservice replicas synchronization technique that bring high availability and scalability to the existing LwM2M solution as a microservice.
failover, IoT, LwM2M, microservice, service discovery
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High availability, International companies, Internet of thing(IoT), Management Platform, Message exchange model, Modern technology, REST API, Service Discovery