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학술대회 A study on Time-series DBMS Application for EdgeX-based Lightweight Edge Gateway
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김재인, 김철원, 손병희, 류지형, 김성창
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1795-1798
20ZK1100, 호남권 지역산업 기반 ICT 융합기술 고도화 지원사업, 이길행
The EdgeX platform is an open source software project for edge gateways. Each function of edge gateway operates as a Docker container-based microservice, and at least 10 microservices operate simultaneously to perform a series of edge computing functions such as data collection, storage, analysis, and delivery. The load of each microservice is a very important issue because the lightweight edge gateway for relatively low-load data processing such as Smart Metering, Smart Home, and Smart Farm has low-end hardware capabilities for low price. In this paper, we describe the analysis results of the internal data storage of EdgeX, which has the most workload in the lightweight edge gateway. In addition, the test-bed application results with time-series DBMS are described and requirement issues are discussed.
Edge Computing, EdgeX, TDB, Tedge, Time Series DB
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Data Collection, Data processing, Docker container, Edge gateways, Internal data, Load data, Open Source Software Project, Smart Homes(SH), Smart Metering, Smart farm, Test-bed