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학술지 저대역 센서 네트워크 기반의 양방향 보안등 관제 시스템 개발
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이호근, 이상호, 이석규, 최정원
조명·전기설비학회논문지, v.24 no.10, pp.58-66
10MV1400, 대구 임베디드 SW기술지원센터 설립 운영, 이현우
This paper shows an implementation and management result of wireless networks based security light control system, which performs a great role in protection of pedestrians and prevention of crime. Conventional security light units have severe limits in confirmation and inspection of security light unit failure, like wilful damage by someone or failure by influence of other equipment or failure by spontaneous heat-increase, and so on. In addition, local government offices are responsible for maintenance of security light units and as a matter of fact, most of civil complaints are about security light units. It is an obvious that the existing security light maintenance system reaches the limit and the security light maintenance problem is a difficulty of local government.Therefore, efficient security light control system is needed, which enables central control and intelligent maintenance. Moreover, the system has to be easy to control and has to be stable. In this study, wireless sensor network based security light control system is implemented, which is independent of programming language and platform, and which is simple to control and extend the system. The proven protocols, HTTP and SOAP, are utilized in order to improve the system reliability. This paper shows the excellence of our proposed system by implementing and operating it in real environment.
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Central Control, Control systems, Light control, Real environment, System Reliability, Wireless network, Wireless sensor networks(WSNs), local government, maintenance system, programming language