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학술지 인공지능정책의 경로창조적 특성에 관한 연구 - 신제도주의의 경로변화 이론을 기반으로 -
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정성영, 고순주
한국IT서비스학회지, v.20 no.1, pp.93-115
20ZR1400, 국가지능화 기술정책 및 표준화 연구, 이지형
Various policy declarations and institutional experiments involving artificial intelligence are being made in most countries. Depending on how the artificial intelligence policy changes, the role of the government, the scope of the policy, and the policy means used may vary, which can lead to the success or failure of the policy.This study proposed a perspective on AI(Artificial Intelligence) in policy research, investigated the theory of path change, and derived the characteristics of path change in AI policy. Since AI policy is related to a wide range of policy areas and the policy making is at the start points, this study is based on the neo-institutional path theory about the types of institutional changes. As a result of this study, AI policy showed the characteristics of path creation, and in detail presented the conflict relationship between institutional design elements, the scalability of policy areas, policy stratification and policy mix, the top policy characteristics transcending the law, and the experiment for regulatory innovation. Since AI can also be used as a key tool for policy innovation in the future, research on the path and characteristics of AI policy will provide a new direction and approach to government policy or institutional innovation seeking digital transformation.
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Design elements, Government policy, Institutional design, Policy Innovation, Policy Research, Wide range, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, policy making, policy mix, role of the government