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학술대회 Spatio-Temporal Degree of Freedom: Interference Management in 5G Edge SON Networks
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홍준표, 조윤희, 김성경, 나지현, 곽정호
International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) 2021, pp.491-494
20HH7700, 5G 스몰셀을 위한 인공지능 기반 자율구성 네트워크(SON) 기술 개발, 나지현
According to Cisco's recent white paper, the usage of mobile data is exponentially increasing by 2022, namely 330% enhancement compared to 2017. Therefore, improvement of network capacity can be placed on the top priority in the future 5G/6G network systems. To tackle this issue, in this paper, we develop a small cell interference management technology with controls of transmission power of base stations (BSs) and user scheduling under edge SON (Self-Organizing Networks) architecture. In order to resolve the severe interference problem as the cell size decreases, this paper proposes an idea to share power in time and space, and develop the joint transmission power and user scheduling algorithm in each time slot aiming to maximize sum utilities of all users leveraging the Lyapunov optimization framework. Finally, we verify and compare the performance of the proposed algorithm and comparing algorithms in the multicell and multi-user scenario.
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Cell Size, Degrees of freedom(DOF), Joint Transmission, Lyapunov optimization, Network system, Scheduling algorithm, Self-organizing network, Small cells, Time and space, Time slot, User Scenario